Connect your Slack Workspace to Doozy

If you’ve not done so yet, follow these instructions


Open '🚀 Start a Doozy'

Search for ‘Start a Doozy’ in the Slack Search box and select it.


Select 'Celebrations'


Select 'Shoutouts'


Pick your options:

  • Who should we shoutout?

Pick one or more users who should be celebrated.

  • What message would you like to add?

Write a message for this shoutout Celebration. This will be posted in Slack at your chosen time.

  • Which channel should we post the shoutout in?

Choose which public channel the shoutout should be shared in.

To schedule Doozy activities in a private channel, you’ll need to invite us first. Type ‘/invite @doozy’ and press enter to add Doozy.

Click 'Post' and we'll share it!