Connect your Slack Workspace to Doozy

If you’ve not done so yet, follow these instructions


Open 🚀 Start a Doozy

Search for “Start a Doozy” in the Slack Search box and select it.


Select Celebrations


Select work Anniversaries


Pick your settings:

  • What channel should we post in?

Choose which channel should we announce the anniversaries in.

  • What time should we post in a channel?

Choose what time should we post (in your local time).

  • When should we post celebrations?

    • On the day: We’ll post every weekday about the anniversaries that day.

    • Start of the week: We’ll share all anniversarieshappening that week on Monday.


Choose who to notify about upcoming dates

  • Notify managers a week before: We’ll automatically notify managers about direct report’s anniversaries a week before.

  • Notify other users a week before: Other users who we should notify about every anniversary e.g. CEO, Head of Employee Experience, your People Team, etc.


Click Start 🚀


(Recommended) Connect to your HRIS

To make the most of Celebrations, follow the instructions to securely connect Doozy to your HRIS. It only takes a minute to do.

This will allow us to sync key dates like birthdays and anniversaries, as well as enable us to trigger manager notifications for upcoming dates.


Managers and selected users are notified a week before the celebration

They can share the digital card, directly from Slack, and send it to the rest of the team to be signed.


Anniversaries are announced

We’ll post in your chosen channel, and everyone can see the signed card and add their own personal message if they’ve not done so yet. A really great way to make someone feel special!


What should I do if someone’s anniversary wasn’t posted?

  • Check that the team member’s start date/anniversary is recorded in Doozy

  • Check that the team member hasn’t opted out of anniversary celebrations

  • Check that the team member is in the Celebrations channel in Slack