Doozy Roulette is a great way to help build connections within your team. You can schedule it to run in any channel, and we’ll automatically match the channel members regularly.

⬇️ Follow these instructions to get started ⬇️


Connect your Slack Workspace to Doozy

If you’ve not done so yet, follow these instructions


Open 'Start a Doozy'

Go to ‘Doozy’ in your Slack sidebar, and select ’🚀 Start a Doozy’ under ‘What would you like to do’?


Select 'Choose' next to 'Introductions'


Select 'Set up' next to '🎰 Doozy Roulette'


Choose which groups of users should be introduced:

  • Send to channel members: All members in a specified channel will be included in Roulette
  • Send to teams: All members in a specified team/department, e.g. all of sales or engineering, will be included in Roulette
  • Send to new hires: All new hires will be included in Roulette. You can specify how recently someone should have joined the company to count as a new hire.
    To send to teams and new hires, connect Doozy to your HR system first! See the Connect your HRIS help page.

Choose when and where to start Doozy Roulette:

  • You can choose Roulette to run in any public channel, and you can configure one Roulette per channel.
  • Choose how often we should make matches, and when you’d like to start.
  • Pick a group size of 2, 3, or 4.
To schedule Doozy activities in a private channel, you’ll need to invite us first. Type ‘/invite @doozy’ and press enter to add Doozy.

Use Advanced settings to further craft your matching algorithm. Choose to base matches on seniority and tenure, too!


Great! Doozy Roulette is now running

People will be matched up based on your given schedule (every week, every 2 weeks or every month).


🤗 The day before matches are made, we'll post a message giving individual members in the channel an opportunity to skip the week


🎉 The matches have been made!

We’ll create direct messages between matches, so they can chat and get to know each other. Matches can connect their calendar, and we’ll suggest times when they’re all free.

Finally, they can click ‘Create Meeting’ and we’ll send everyone a calendar invite, with a link to a Doozy room for them to join in.


🎉 📹 Matches meet on a video call in Doozy

We’ll create a room in Doozy for matches to meet. This link will be included in the calendar invite we send out.

Rooms in Doozy have video built in, with icebreakers and quizzes if your matches fancy it!


You’ll need to be on our Team plan to use Doozy Roulette. Click the chat icon and let us know if you’d like us to extend your trial.