Doozy for Slack provides loads of features to help connect and celebrate the people you work with.


🎉 Birthday & Anniversary celebrations

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, with virtual cards that can be signed by the whole team! You’ll be able to share these cards with teammates, and they can be signed up to a week in advance.

😎 Shoutouts

Celebrate your teammates’ great achievements and give them some Kudos for great work. These will be visible to the whole team so their efforts don’t go unnoticed.


☕️ Doozy Roulette

Meet people across your team with Doozy Roulette. Join a channel and we’ll connect you with someone automatically every week/two weeks/month. You can connect to your calendar and we’ll help you find a time to meet and get to know each other.

🤝 One-off introductions

Connect new hires by introducing them to people across the team. You can schedule intros in advance, and like roulette, we’ll help them find a good time to meet.

Icebreakers and Quizzes

🧠 Daily trivia

A daily quiz question or a whole quiz will be posted in your channel. The faster you answer, the more points you get and the higher up the leaderboard you will be! Quiz topics change each week, so there’s something for everyone.

🧊 Icebreakers

An icebreaker will be posted in your channel. Things like what food best describes where you were born? or share the most ridiculous photo of your pet.

🤗 Team socials

Kick back and have some fun with your team. You can launch a Doozy social from any Slack channel with the command /doozy. There are games, quizzes and icebreakers that you can play together. ​

​✍️ Custom quizzes

Create your own quizzes on any topic. Pick questions from our library, or create your own from scratch. ​

❄️ Custom icebreakers

Create icebreakers on any topic, using our library of existing questions, or create your own from scratch, or using AI. ​

🎄 Holiday activities (December 1st - December 25th)

A holiday countdown, Christmas quizzes and festive icebreakers. Available throughout December.

How to use Doozy

All of Doozy’s features can be activated from the Start a Doozy shortcut or by searching for “Start a Doozy” in Slack.

Got questions?

Email us at [email protected], hit the chat icon in the corner or message us through Slack Connect (if your team have joined the shared channel).