⬇️ It only takes a couple of minutes, so let’s get started ⬇️


Connect your Slack Workspace to Doozy

If you’ve not done so yet, follow these instructions


Open '🚀 Start a Doozy'

Search for ‘Start a Doozy’ in the Slack Search box and select it


Select 'Celebrations'


Select 'Create a card'


Choose your options:

  • Who should we celebrate?

Pick one or more users who should be celebrated.

  • What message would you like to add?

Write a message for this Celebration. This will be posted in Slack at your chosen time.

  • When should we post this Celebration?

What time should this Celebration be posted in a channel?

  • Which channel should we post the celebration in?

Choose the public channel this Celebration should be shared in.

To schedule Doozy activities in a private channel, you’ll need to invite us first. Type ‘/invite @doozy’ and press enter to add Doozy.
  • Who should we ask to sign the card?

Who should we share the card with immediately so they can sign?


Click 'Start 🚀', and you're done!


You can update the Celebration and sign the card from the message in your Doozy home


We'll then post the card at your chosen time in the public channel, along with the signed card.