Connect your Slack Workspace to Doozy

If you’ve not done so yet, follow these instructions


Open 🚀 Start a Doozy

Search for “Start a Doozy” in the Slack Search box and select it


Choose 'Custom icebreaker'


Select an icebreaker you've previously created from the dropdown


Choose when and where we should post the icebreaker(s)

  • Post in a channel: The icebreaker will be posted in a specified channel
  • Send to channel members: All members in a specified channel will be sent the icebreaker in a private message
  • Send to individual(s): The icebreaker will be sent to specified individuals
  • Send to team(s): All members in specified teams/departments, e.g. all of sales or engineering, will be sent the icebreaker
To send to teams, connect Doozy to your HR system first! See the Connect your HRIS help page.

Hit 'Start'