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How to create a quiz with Doozy
How to create a quiz with Doozy
Quizzes, what better team building activity? But so cumbersome and time consuming to create… Not anymore!! Create your own quiz in seconds!
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1. Click “Create” to enter creator mode

2. Choose "Create a quiz"

2. Add your own questions or select pre-made ones from question bank

Tip: There's no limit on the number of questions or rounds you create!

3. Edit and reorder questions in the drawer on the right if necessary

4. Click “done” when… done ;)

5. Want to play now? Click "Start quiz" and choose how you'd like to play.

Host: You're the quiz master, asking the questions, keep track of scores and running the show.

Play: You're a player, answering the questions and fighting to the top of the leaderboard.

Once you've chosen, we'll launch a room and you can invite your team to join you and battle it out!

5. Want to schedule your quiz for a future time? Hit the Schedule button, and create an event for this quiz.

Add some details like a title, description and pick a time.

Make sure to invite your team by editing your participants, or invite new ones.

Want to add more activities to this event? Tap the Add Activity button.

Then tap create and you're all set!

6. Your event is automatically created and shared with your participants

TIP: Your event happens in a Doozy room, with video calls, emojis and the gifs built-in!

TIP: Participants will be automatically sent a invite, and it'll be added to their calendar of choice. Nothing more for you to do!

Have fun!

BONUS: Also super easy to do on mobile!

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