Doozy is perfect for organising and hosting your team events - whether that's your regular Friday socials or seasonal events like Halloween or Christmas.

With Doozy you can craft the ultimate experience for your team - create your event, choose the activities and you're all set.

Best of all, everything happens in Doozy, no need to share links to different platforms. Just click join!

Great, so how do I build the ultimate experience for my team? That’s easy and it only takes a few seconds (literally). Let’s show you how but before why it’s brilliant:

  • Creating a new event will populate your team’s dashboard in seconds

  • Invitees see all their events in one space, date and time, topic etc. They'll be notified in app, by email and through Slack!

  • As the host you can effortlessly track who is coming and you no longer have to send links and reminders. All is here!

1. Click “Create an event” in the Doozy Home Screen

2. Choose "Create your own event"

3. Add an image or gif

4. Choose your participants - The whole team is selected by default

5. Set the start and end time - Don't worry you can always change this at a later date!

6. And that's it - you're all set! Your invitees will have been notified and the event will be visible in their space too.

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