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How to create an event
How to create an event
Doozy makes it simple to organise team events. We'll show you how you can get started in seconds!
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Doozy is perfect for organising and hosting your team events - whether that's your regular Friday socials or seasonal events like Halloween or Christmas.

With Doozy you can craft the ultimate experience for your team - create your event, choose the activities and you're all set.

1. Click “Create an event” in the Doozy Home Screen

2. Start from scratch or pick a template

3. Add some details about your quiz and choose when you'd like your event to happen.

4. Create a repeating event for regular meetings/events like daily standups or friday all-hands.

5. Choose your participants or invite someone new to join

Tip: By default all events are restricted to just those you invite.

Change to:
Your team: Your entire team will be able to see and access your event.

Anyone with a link: Your team and anyone outside your team will be able to join with a link

6. Add an agenda

Optionally pick some activities for your event or create your own.

7. Click "Create" and your event is ready!

Your team will be notified by email and Slack (if connected) about the upcoming event.

We'll also automatically send out calendar invites and reminders, so they won't miss out!

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