This is an advanced integration that allows you to connect a Google Calendar to Doozy using a service account.

We don’t recommend this method unless you have a good understanding of Google Cloud Platform and service accounts, and the security implications of using a service account.

Most users should use a dedicated Google Workspace user or let users connect their own calendars individually.

Speak to our support team if you have any questions.

Before proceeding you will need to have a Google Cloud Platform account that is associated with your Google Workspace.

You will need admin permissions in Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace and Doozy to complete this integration.

Granting this service account access to your organization’s data via domain-wide delegation should be used with caution.

It can be reversed by disabling or deleting the service account or by removing access through the Google Workspace admin console.


Navigate to Google Cloud Console

Go to Google Cloud Console - you’ll need elevated GCP permissions to proceed.


Click Create New Project

We recommend naming it something like ‘Doozy Calendar Integration’


Enable the Google Calendar API

Search for Google Calendar API in the search bar, then select it and click Enable.


Create a Service Account

Search for Service Accounts in the search bar, then IAM & Admin > Service Accounts > Create Service Account.

Name it something like doozy-google-calendar.

Then click Done.


Download a Service Account Key

Click your newly created service account, then click Add Key > Create New Key > JSON > Create.

This will download a JSON file to your computer. Keep this file safe.


Enable domain-wide delgation to the service account

  1. Login to your Google Workspace Admin Console, then go to Security > API Controls > Domain-wide delegation > Manage domain-wide delegation.
  2. Add a new Client.
  3. Enter the Service Account Email Address from the Service Account you created in the previous step. It will look something like [email protected].
  4. Enter the OAuth Scopes for the Google Calendar API. This should be

Add the Service Account to Doozy

  1. Go to Doozy > Settings > Integrations > Google Calendar System Account
  2. Click Upload JSON Key and select the JSON file you downloaded in the previous step.
  3. Wait for the success message.

🎉 Your service account is now connected

All events you create in Doozy will now be created by the service account under the relevant user’s calendar.