Doozy Roulette is a great way to help build connections within your team. Doozy will match people up based on your preferences, and they can meet in a video call in Doozy, Google Meet or in person.

How Doozy Roulette works


Join a Slack channel with Doozy Roulette running

You can find instructions on how to set up Doozy Roulette here.


Wait for your next set of matches

Doozy will match you up on a schedule you set, with options for when and how often matches occur.

We recommend starting with every 2 weeks, and groups of 2-4 people.

You'll recieve a reminder a day before we match people

You’ll have the option to skip the matches next week, if you’re too busy or not feeling up to it.


You're matched with someone!

We’ll create a direct message between you and your match/matches(es), so you can chat and get to know each other.


Pick a time to meet

We’ll suggest times when you’re all free based on your calendar, and you can click ‘Create Meeting’ to send everyone a calendar invite.

We'll suggest times for you to meet, using your schedule and availability.


We’ll include a link to a Doozy room in the calendar invite, where you can meet your match/matches on a video call.

You can also meet in person, in Google Meet or another video call platform.

You can meet in Doozy, where there is tons of trivia, icebreakers and games.