Doozy will use that user to check availability and create events for users in the same workspace.

Once connected, the rest of your team won’t need to connect their calendars individually.

You’ll need to be a Doozy admin to connect the dedicated calendar user.


Create a dedicated user in Google Workspace Admin Console

Create a dedicated Doozy user in your Google Workspace, by heading to the Google Admin Console. This user will be used to connect to Doozy and schedule events.

You will probably need your IT team to create a new user in your Google Workspace.

Please Note: You will be billed for this user by Google.


Once you have login details for the user, go to

Click here to open the integrations page in Doozy.


Click the integrations tab


Click Google Calendar System Account > Connect


Click Connect Google Account


Enter the login details for your new Google User


Follow the Google steps to confirm calendar permissions


🎉 Your Dedicated Google Workspace Calendar user is now connected

Going forward, all events and availability checks will be done using this user!